Sacred Nature Of Mauna Kea


SEASON 3 SNEAK PREVIEW! (Full Season begins In Novermber.) Lehua is a Hawaiian elder, a keeper of traditional hula, and a scholar of cultural anthropology, with a focus on indigenous spirituality. If anyone can help us understand what makes a place like Mauna Kea so sacred that protectors are putting their lives on hold to block construction of a massive telescope at its summit, she can. Do not miss this timely and important episode! 

Needing To Be Right and Convert Others


Nature joins us to close out the second season, on what turns into a special episode that asks, “What is the unknowable?” 

Liking Animals More Than People


What is the deep, singular reason some of us say we like animals more than people?

Patriotism, Nationalism, War And Peace


When we’re at war within we go to war with each other and we parse words to pretend like we’re not all in this together.

White American Anger


Okay, let’s talk Trump….

Who is Your CoPilot?


Why is it that children from heart cultures don’t have imaginary friends but religious adults from brain cultures do?

How We Treat Our Elders


How we treat our elders, as a society, by and large has to do with how we view time.

The Father, The Son, And The Holy Science


Is modern science an extension of Judeo-Christian thinking?



Is success about freedom?

The Road To Nowhere Is Paved In Revolution


What is total revolution to a mind that swings on a pendulum?

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