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Kundalini Aliveness

What is kundalini energy not? Probably most of what you've heard. Maybe even what you were told you experienced. We'll get into it. And then we'll go deeper into what matters most.

Host Jeremy Vaeni shares his personal breakthrough moment about living with Earth. Then, he explains why he still has breakthrough moments even though he had the self-shattering mo...

Why do so many of us partake in dark, nonsensical conspiracy theories like QAnon? How can we tell the difference between false and genuine mystery? Would this be an issue if our cu...

Star Trekking

What is this technology-driven, off-world adventure of a future so many of us strive to create really about?

George Floyd

Who are we in this moment of great upheaval? What is our responsibility? Who will we be and what will we do when the dust settles? Will George Floyd have died in vain when the outr...

Tiokasin Ghosthorse contiues the conversation about COVID, prophesy, intelligence, and arrogance.

Tiokasin Ghosthorse joins us to give us a much deeper perspective on the intelligence we know as a virus.

Are Prophesies Pointless?

In a world where we refuse to be moved by catastrophe and systemic breakdown, are prophesies pointless?

Is Political Change Real?

Can we fix this world with the same sense of self that is breaking it on behalf of the self? Let's talk about it with Joe Gooch, a man who had a view-changing spiritual epiphany 2 ...

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