Undoing The Sacred


When we undo our definitions of the sacred, when we undo all that we know... when we undo ourselves, does the sacred reveal oneself as us?

The Sacred And Purpose


What is it like to move from the New York hustle to a living, breathing sacred island? For Carol Fong it is a lot like finding yourself and then finding your purpose.

Willy Iaukea: Ancient Hawaii


Willy Iaukea is perhaps the last pure-blooded Hawaiian whose lineage predates the arrival of Tahitians around 2,000 years ago. He is the keeper of his family's history and stories. What he says here about the sacred resonates, while turning much of what we think we know on its ear.

Sacred Ceremony


Tiokasin Ghosthorse gives as much of the Lakota perspective on the sacred as ceremony as the English language allows, while challenging us to ask ourselves why we're asking in the first place.

Sacred Work


Keoni Fox joins us to talk about the sacred work of preserving the land, including burial sites, which his ancestors have entrusted him with.

Science And The Sacred


Is life considered sacred to scientists, by and large? What about at the microscopic level?  Does it help or hinder science to hold life as sacred? Let's ask Tyler Kokjohn professor of microbiology at Midwestern University. 

Shaking Up The Body Temple


If our body is our temple then is there something sacred about form? Can it be accessed through movement? And then what happens when you can no longer move in the same way? Let’s ask fitness instructor Marie Jasmine.

Daoism And The Sacred


Simon Cox is a martial arts master who trained for 6 years in a Daoist temple in China before receiving his Ph.D. from Rice University. He's here to share with us the Daoist perspective on the sacred and much, much, very much more.

Subject/Object Relationship To The Sacred


As Coordinator for The Esalen Center for Theory and Research in California, Max Genslen has partaken in numerous programs that promote themselves as teaching the sacred in some form. As a drummer, he understands tapping into the sacred musically. In this episode, Max gives us his reading of our subject/object relationship to the sacred.

Sacred Nature Of Mauna Kea


SEASON 3 SNEAK PREVIEW! (Full Season begins In Novermber.) Lehua is a Hawaiian elder, a keeper of traditional hula, and a scholar of cultural anthropology, with a focus on indigenous spirituality. If anyone can help us understand what makes a place like Mauna Kea so sacred that protectors are putting their lives on hold to block construction of a massive telescope at its summit, she can. Do not miss this timely and important episode! 

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